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Shaun Page and Thinus du Toit are ready to welcome new members to the Warhammer 40k Limpopo/Polokwane Club.

Welcome to the world of Warhammer


Warhammer is the most popular miniature war game in the world and it is based on the Warhammer fantasy battle.
The lockdown has forced the Warhammer community to be more creative in the way that they play and as a result they have taken the game online.
Thinus du Toit, a member of the club, explained that the only way they are really affected is in that they can’t meet other players in person.
“It isn’t a big obstacle because we can continue to teach and interact with each other. We still make use of our imagination as if though we were playing in real life, so the fun factor remains,” he explained.
The club invites players to join, as new faces are always welcome and there is no age restriction. Potential players don’t need a lot of money to start playing and most entry level computers are well suited to run the applications. You will need a stable internet connection, a basic gaming headset for voice and sound and there are free programmes like Roll20, Discord, and FlyCasual as well as an optional paid programme called Tabletop Simulator.
“We would like to emphasise the fact that a new potential player does not need a lot, if any money to start playing, the software enables us to test play various models from various game systems before actually investing in them which lowers the initial costs considerably,” added Shaun Page, one of the founding members of the Polokwane club.
They will continue to play online until lockdown restrictions are lifted. They are currently waiting for a new edition of Warhammer to be released and are anxiously waiting to get the new rule sets and models. Interested players are welcome to contact Thinus du Toit at ([email protected]), or Shaun Page at ([email protected]).

Story: Miranda Chauke
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