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We appreciate our frontline workers: Command Council


During last Tuesday’s meeting of the Capricorn District Command Council (DCC), Chairperson, John Mpe took the opportunity to express his appreciation towards frontline workers for their sterling, tireless work against the Coronavirus.
“These are consummate professionals who waged and led a herculean battle against an epidemic and accepted the perils of their job with unflinching hearts and unwavering spirits, at the greatest risk to their own lives. From the beginning they braved the odds to care for the ill, dispensed support to the hopeless and stood strong as the first hope for the distressed. Despite life-threatening risks and witnessing their own colleagues dying from Covid-19 related illnesses, they still put shoulder to the wheel and carried their noble duty to serve us with compassion and patriotism. The DCC salutes them for their resilience, tenacity and strength. These are men and women who leave their homes every day without fail to go and serve, despite knowing they may return home infected with the virus. Yet they put the health of us all above the safety of their families. These are mothers and fathers, siblings and spouses, friends and neighbours. The DCC also pays tribute to the same frontline workers who lost their lives to this pandemic and calls upon all of us to honour them. They are good stewards who served us with courage and fortitude. We can never reward them fully for their sacrifice,” Mpe said.

Story: Barry Viljoen