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Vroom-vroom boom the model cars


The Bushveld Model Racing Club has been turning wheels for more than 35 years and the Jansen van Vuuren brothers expressed their love for the sport and their participation at the club.
Rikus and Waldo were first introduced to the sport by their dad, Peter, and both exclaim that the sport is one of the best ways to spend time with their dad.
Rikus says he started model racing at the age of six, which was 25 years ago. He says the sport quickly become a part of his life. Rikus is a store manager at a local tyre shop and he says his job has nothing to do with his love for the sport. Rikus says he has stayed a model racer for so long because other than spending time with his sibling and dad it brings him peace.
“The excitement of racing and winning a race brings me fulfilment. When I think of being able to come here and work on my model car, any challenge I can be facing vanishes and I am overcome with peace. Even the worst day of racing is still better than the best day at work.”
Rikus says even his own family will spend time at the race track as he did with his dad.
“I have an eight year old daughter, who is also fascinated by the sport. My son who is only a couple of months old will also be a model racer as soon as he is old enough.”
Waldo on the other hand, who has been racing for 11 years, says the sport helped him with anger management issues.
“This, like any other sport, requires high discipline. I would often have issues with my anger and dealing with it, but being a participant in the sport has taught me how to deal with my emotions. Model racing is like having an escape from life, I would rather come to the track when I need to let off some steam.”
He has learnt how to vent, act rationally, deal with obstacles and think, before he acts because of the sport.
The brothers say that the community in the model racing club also makes every moment they spend, worth it.
“Before the nationwide lockdown, there would be social affairs at the club. It is a family affair and we all have our families to cheer along up as we race. Model racing is more than just what happens on the track, a lot of it begins at home.”

Story: Umpha Manenze