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Toddler’s death: enquiry to be opened


The father of a toddler who recently died after being discharged from the Polokwane Provincial Hospital, reportedly because there were no beds, went to the Polokwane Police station last week to lay a charge of negligence only to be told that an enquiry would be opened. Matome Ngwepe accompanied by Democratic Alliance Provincial Chairperson, Langa Bodlani when wanting to lay the charge was informed that an enquiry would be opened and referred to the Senwabarwana Police station for investigation.
Twenty-month-old Mogadi Ngwepe was discharged after a month and three weeks in hospital where she was treated for acute pneumonia, Ngwepe informed.
He said she was discharged while still ill and sent to the Helena Franz Hospital at Senwabarwana to wait for oxygen bottles which she should use while at home in De Vrede village.
The parents were allegedly told that the oxygen cylinders should last three months but after three days at home the parents noticed the baby was very ill and phoned the paramedic services to assist them. The baby was certified dead upon the arrival of the paramedics. Ngwepe alleged that he had been told by the paramedics that the cylinder was faulty and that there was no oxygen inside it.

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