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Talk about bullies for Mitchell House learners


“Bullies behave badly and nobody wants to have a bully as a friend” was the message delivered to an audience of Gr 00 to Grade 3 of Mitchell House recently.
The occasion was an educational production by team members from EnterActive Productions, a Pretoria based company that produces educational show themes that are in keeping with the life-skill topics of the curriculum
Achsah Phosoko, Marketing Director of Mitchell House said despite the school not experiencing any problems with bullying they wanted the learners to see how a bully can damage another person.
“We are not just talking to the students about bullies but we wanted to reinforce and show them how negative it can be as well.
“We also want to prevent our learners from bullying others,” she stated.
She further explained that the learners enjoyed the show a lot and that one of Mitchell House’s core values is to respect one another.
She hoped that with this show learners would learn that respect must be earned and that they must appreciate each other. Grade 2 learners from the school, Ewetes Nkwada and Lu’ay Patel said that bullies are very bad and that it was a very interesting talk.

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