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Strength and beauty meet in casting exhibition


Iron has always been associated with strength and utility. The word iron is often used to accentuate strength and rigidness; she has an iron will or he rules with an iron fist.
On Saturday JBM Metals & Casting, a subdivision of JBM Steel, proved that iron can also be beautiful and delicate in the right hands.
JBM Metals & Casting teamed up with Kurumba Lodge to host an exhibition of their most exquisite casting and metal art work ranges, paired with a delicious and affordable pub lunch to drive away the intense winter cold.
The exhibit included a new range of decorative items that JBM stocks. From quirky garden ornaments to incredibly detailed silver plated figurines, this range offers something for every home and garden.
However, the decorative cast iron, metal and wrought iron items on show stole the show. Here dainty detail meets powerfully fashioned iron in functional art work that pleases the eye.
Zulandi Wocke, Manager of JBM Metals & Casting, said they were especially proud of the fine range of door handles and knobs.
“We realised that there was a huge gap in the market for handles of all shapes and sizes, especially for larger doors and gates. This is our way of adding value for our customers, by providing a product that they would have trouble to find. Each handle is our own design.”
She explained that the main aim of the exhibition was to attract more female customers and to show their regular customers that metal can also be strikingly beautiful.
All items on show were marked down and these prices will be valid for customers who visit their shop until 31 July.
Liezl Kruger, Manager of Kurumba Lodge, said it was a great idea to host a joint event with JBM Metals & Casting as it put both enterprises in the public eye.
As part of the exhibition, customers could also win a night for two at Kurumba Lodge with dinner and breakfast included. To enter patrons had to buy any JBM Metals & Casting cast product or order from the Kurumba pub lunch menu. The winner was Pierre Visser.
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but at JBM Metals & Casting beauty is in iron and metal works of the highest quality.
Visit them at 29 Natrium Street in Ladine or call them on 015 293 0378 or 015 293 0381.

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