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Staffing solutions to fit your needs


Sutha Staffing Solutions recently expanded their services to include all other industries and founding members Hettie Swart, Managing Director, and Garold van Wyk, Director, say they are proud to bring their expertise to new clients.
“We always deliver the best that the industry has to offer with integrity and honesty. Our personnel have access to the best resources and support. They are skilled with all the necessary knowledge and experience needed to resolve any staffing problem,” says Swart.
“Hard work, continuous development, unity, support from our clientele and above all the Grace of God is what kept the company growing stronger throughout the last 10 years.”
Sutha Staffing Solutions offers the following services:
Payroll administration
Sutha Staffing Solutions offers a wide range of payroll administration services that are up to date with all legislative changes. Clients can concentrate on businesses, while specialists take care of legal and statutory obligations. Clients have expertise to their disposal without having to employ a paymaster or accountant.
Hire Labour
Since Sutha Staffing Solutions started off in 2005 as a Hire Labour Company, they have the best there is to offer to suit the clients’ needs.
They ensure that all legalities are met in order to provide peace of mind for clients, satisfactory circumstances for workers and optimum production.
Recruitment for temporary placements
Sutha Staffing Solutions is geared to provide temporary labour for a period as determined by the client. Temporary labour provides the added advantage of allowing the client to accurately forecast the cost of temporary labour as the duration can be fixed for a specific period of time. The customer therefore is able to eliminate cost associated with having employees on its payroll when there is no need for their skills at that specific moment.
Recruitment for permanent placements.
They understand the importance of being able to place a candidate that adds value to a company. Sutha Staffing Solutions’ established systems and database make it possible for the team to source suitable candidates, select the best fit, and to place the employee within a specified time frame.
The service includes verifying certificates, reference checks as well as criminal and credit verifications before providing information on a candidate.
Disciplinary procedures
For all unsatisfactory performance and behaviour issues, the company has a dedicated Human Resource Department to deal with all disciplinary and grievance procedures.
Electronic Digital Fingerprint Authentication for criminal check references in order to eliminate applicants with criminal records and to assure the best quality personnel. Criminal records are checked on request.
Sutha Staffing Solutions is situated in Suite 1 on the ground floor of the Proforum Building at 29 Bendor Drive, Polokwane. Send an email to [email protected] for more information on their services or call 015 297 4929.

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