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Sparkling pools throughout winter


During the winter months it is far better for body and soul to keep warm and cosy than to struggle with pool maintenance. Unfortunately this is a task that you have to undertake to ensure an enjoyable summer.
Poolserve was established in August 1982 and grew into the largest supplier of swimming pool equipment in Limpopo.
They supply a complete range of pool chemicals, pumps and motors, as well as pool equipment and accessories like brushes, nets and rakes. Poolserve also supply all the material you will need to build a pool from scratch as well as professional advice on the actual building of the pool.
To keep your pool in peak condition you will need to choose your pool maintenance products very carefully. Poolserve assists with this by offering a professional water testing facility to examine all chemical levels in your pool’s water.
Employees are trained to offer efficient and professional advice on any problems concerning your pool, including winter woes.
Their new product, the Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner is sure to help you cruise through winter and welcome back summer with a clear pool.
This pool cleaner will save money by saving on water use, electricity and chemicals. The cleaner is operated by robotic units that work completely independent of your pool’s regular cleaning system.
The unit removes debris from the pool, which means that your filter does not become clogged and this means that you don’t have to backwash as often.
This saves a lot of water. The fact that water does not have to be piped through 20 m of piping also means an estimated saving of R3 000 per annum on electricity.
Contact Poolserve to arrange a free demonstration of the Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner in your pool at home.
Poolserve’s head office is situated at 41 Nikkel Street in Superbia and the contact number at this office is 015 292 3449. They also have a satellite branch at 95C Gen Viljoen Street in Welgelegen. Contact them at this branch on 015 297 8084.

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