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Small gesture goes a long way


Nazneen Khan visited the local Home Affairs office recently and the number of elderly people and new mothers waiting in queues encouraged her to uplift their moods by providing them with food and drinks.
Nazneen says during her visit she arrived at around 10:00 and only received assistance at 14:00.
“I had to stand in the hot sun for four hours and I just really felt sorry for all the other people who had been there from early. Next to me was an elderly woman who said she was from Moletjie and she was so tired of standing that she was sitting with her back against the wall. Every few minutes I would move my body to try and create some shade for her.”
Nazneen says the image of that woman stayed with her for the rest of the week and she decided to do something to help.
“I was able to get assistance from a local business owner who donated freshly baked scones and I bought soft drinks to hand out. Some of the people even decided to keep it for later because they knew they’d have to spend the whole day there.”
She says she just wanted to make a difference, no matter how small it was.
Chuene Mpyana one of the new mothers that was sitting under a tree says she really appreciates the help from Nazneen because the food will help her produce milk to breastfeed.
“I gave birth last week at a clinic, and I couldn’t apply for a birth certificate then, that’s why I am here now.”

Story: Umpha Manenzhe