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‘Self-defence should kick in when you’re in danger’


“The best form of defence in a sticky situation is to run away, but if that isn’t an option self-defence should kick in.”
Wayne Zandberg, one of the Krav Maga instructors says learning self-defence is about being able to have clear control and clear counter to any situation you might find yourself in.
This comes after Wayne and his team have noted an increase in the need for self-defence in Polokwane.
This might have been accelerated by the increasing murder rate in the city. It has been a month since the murder of Hettie and Lizette Deacon, and five more people have been found murdered in the city.
According to Wayne, he has noted an increase of 50 people in need of self-defence in the past few weeks putting his number of students at roughly 100. “These numbers do not include the Saturday classes that I have also been offering on demand for groups of people. I usually give classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I might have to double that soon due to the current size of the classes.”
Krav Maga is an Israeli form of self-defence that is easy to learn and direct.
It focuses on explosives reactions and teaches one to be aware of their surroundings, people around them and any possible attack.
Wayne says this is the best form of self-defence because it is inclusive of all age groups.
“As long as you can walk you should be able to take part. For children I would suggest starting them from the age of 10. This form of self-defence is relatively easy and teaches one self-defence in the instance of a physical altercation. We teach our students to get rid of any fear and to face any situation head-on, only if they are forced to. When you have the opportunity to ran away, you should always take it.”
Wayne believes that self- defence should become a way of life and not a once-off activity. He says the more you train the better you become.
He says when deciding if self-defence is the way to go, ask yourself ‘If I found myself in a sticky situation, am I going to live?’

Story: Umpha Manenzhe