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Savannah Wheeler

Savannah speaks of her life as a secretary


If you dream of owning a business or become the chief executive officer of a big company, you may need to start at the bottom of the corporate ladder.
One of these positions is a secretary and as South Africans, we celebrate Secretary Day on 2 September.
Polokwane Observer spoke to a young woman with big dreams of becoming a business owner, Savannah Wheeler.
“After school I travelled a bit and in July 2019, I went for an interview to become a secretary. It was my first interview and I was lucky enough to get the position. It came at the right time,” says the 20-year-old. Savannah says she would love to own her own business one day.
“I realised that by starting as a secretary, I will learn more about the business world. People do not always realise how much work it is or at times how difficult it may be. I feel it is important that this day is celebrated and I am lucky to say we get spoiled each year. We are the buffer between the customer and management.”
She feels the best part about her job is the skills she learns with it.
“Some people think it is just answering phones, but there is more to it. You need to do things such as make appointments for management, sort out problems and do the filing.
“Every day brings a new challenge and I love meeting new people. The worst and most difficult part of this job is handling rude and difficult customers.
“I try to handle them as nicely as possible.” Savannah enjoys spending time with family and friends and assists her mom in making ribbons for girls’ hair.

Story: Maretha Swanepoel