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Safety forum established for Bendor, Ster Park


An outcry from residents for an efficient and effective safety forum in Bendor and Ster Park resulted in the establishment of the Bendor & Ster Park Safety Forum (BSSF) recently which is already more than hundred families strong.
According to the founder, Johan Retters, BSSF was established at the beginning of June and more than 100 families have since joined the forum with membership numbers still growing at a pleasing rate.
“There is no joining fee or monthly fee payable and all residents of Bendor and Ster Park are invited to join a willing and effective crime combating community. BSSF are embarking on patrols during the night in four-man teams, creating visibility and addressing possible crime generators,” Retters said.
He added that radio communication is already established with almost a 100 radio users is the area. Radio calls are done every eveing to ensure that BSSF members’ safety is first priority.
“A very willing and effective response team is also in place to assist members of BSSF during emergencies. The forum is not a security company but a community safety structure by the community for the community,” Retters emphasised.
BSSF has already taken hands with other community safety and security forums to conduct crime prevention in the area.
“We are not here to do the police’s work. Our first responsibility is to create a safe environment for the residents of Bendor and Ster Park.”
BSSF will forward all possible crime generators in the area via a letter for attention to all authorities responsible for community safety and security.
“BSSF will be the eyes and the ears of those who are responsible for community safety and security.
“Residents can now raise their concerns via this platform to ensure that authorities have officially been informed about community concerns. BSSF is not bound to only one channel of reporting crime generators,” Retters said.
He added that residents of Bendor and Ster Park are very fortunate to have ward councillors who are also very active in combating crime generators in the area. BSSF is not only about safety and security as they are also looking after the well-being of its residents.
“I am very proud to be a member of this community. They have opened their hearts to the needy and donated food and other items to those that are desperately in need, especially during these trying and difficult times,” Retters said.
Residents who want to join the forum can contact Retters or send a WhatsApp message to 076 198 9026.
Currently there are no weekly meetings due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Further details on future meetings will be communicated accordingly.

Story: RC Myburgh