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President of the Rotary Club of Pietersburg 100, Horst Meyer with guests Maurice Stander, Enzo Oprandi, Juliette Harris and Daniel, Derek and Raelene Engelbrecht.

Rotary Pietersburg 100 top contributor to international fund


The Rotary Club of Pietersburg 100 was one of the only two clubs in District 9400 which contributed USD 100 per member to the Rotary Foundation during 2019. This was announced by District 9400 Governor Maurice Stander during the club’s weekly meeting at the Bowls Club in the city last Thursday evening.
District 9400 consists of 72 clubs in the Northern provinces of South Africa, Botswana, Southern Mozambique and eSwatini and the Rotary Foundation was set up 100 years ago as a vehicle to fund projects of Rotary clubs all over the globe. Clubs submit proposals for funding and the Rotary Club of Pietersburg 100 has received a number of sizeable grants over the years, the last one in 2018 amounting to R1,8 million. The grant was utilised to fund farming activities at rural schools in the provivce.
At the same meeting, Rotary exchange student Enzo Oprandi from Argentina was welcomed to Polokwane. Enzo is hosted by Daniel Engelbrecht, who recently visited Argentina and his parents, Derek and Raelene Engelbrecht. The club’s other exchange student, Juliette Harris was sent off for her visit to Chile.

Story and photos: BARRY VILJOEN
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Rotary District 9400 Governor Maurice Stander hands banners to Rotary Club of
Pietersburg 100 President, Horst Meyer.