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Rise in theft of cars, motorcycles


The release of the national crime statistics last week showed that theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles in Polokwane increased tremendously for the period March 2019 to end of March this year. The figure has increased by 30,6 % during the period while carjackings, however, is down by 53,3% and only seven incidents were reported compared to the precious 15. Several other crimes also showed an increase such as attempted sexual offenses that increased by 50%. Robberies at residential premises as well as house burglaries increased by 17,6% and 18% respectively.
Robberies with aggravating circumstances increased by 23,8% while commercial crimes took a hike of 15,5%.
Attempted murder saw an increase of 11,8% and common robbery increased by 6,2%. Robberies at non-residential premises stood at a 9,1% increase. Only two trucks were hijacked in the province and theft out of vehicles increased by 3,1%.
On the positive side no arson cases were reported and malicious damage to property decreased with 20,7%.
Murder cases reported stood at 18, showing a decrease of seven cases or 38,9% less that the previous year.
Sexual offences decreased by 21,4 while assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (17,6%) and common assault (8,6%) also showed less reported cases.
Stock theft decreased by 58% to only 13 reported incidents and shoplifting followed with a decrease of 9,6%. A total of 664 shoplifting cases were reported last year compared to to 600 for the current period. Crime detected by the police increased by 22,9 % in Polokwane while the provincial figure decreased by 27,2%.

Story: Nelie Erasmus