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Old boxes and residue a wood fire on the school fence.

Residents irked by state of TVET College


Residents of the city and students attending Capricorn TVET College’s Polokwane Campus are dismayed at the unkempt appearance of the premises.
The campus is littered with household waste, plastic and other items while huge piles of garbage spoil the main entrance and the view through the college fence. Newly enrolled students that spoke to Polokwane Observer said the sight of filth that greets one when entering the premises was disturbing.

Adelaide Moshatana, acting Spokesperson for Capricorn TVET College.

A second year electrical engineering student, Lukuma Ranyanyane said there are papers lying around the premises and against the walls of the lecture rooms. “The college fence is plugged with papers, shrubs and residue of fire wood and rubble. There is tall grass that needs to be removed next to the sport field. This is supposed to be the fountain of education, not of litter. We understand that the cleaning personnel might not have had adequate time to clean up because they were coming back from holiday and the campus was closed. However, we expect the campus to be in pristine condition. The academic programme resumed on Monday and we cannot be learning in such conditions.”
A resident from Bendor who spoke on condition of anonymity said the college management can do better to improve the general outlook of the institution.
“I pass here every day on my way to school and I thought they would clean up the mess. The school yard is so dirty. The security fence is dilapidated. There is visible trash and waste on the street opposite Noordeland High School. There are old chairs, tables and some learning material dumped in the yard and it is disturbing. The college does not look good at all.”
Acting spokesperson for the institution, Adelaide Moshatana said they were moving assets for an auction hence the material been placed in the open.
“The assets that are lying in the open field next to the gate opposite Noordeland High School will be removed as soon as the operation is done.”
She said on the filth at the main gate on College Street might be caused by the hawkers trading next to their premises. “There are hawkers trading next to the college but on the Polokwane Municipality site and they have permits to sell there. We have engaged them on numerous occasions to keep the premises clean and we are hopeful that they will adhere to our plea. As for the security fence and general infrustructure we cannot comment on that,” Moshatana said.
She also pleaded with the residents residing in the proximity of the college to refrain from dumping waste next to the campus. “There are community members who stay in Welgelegeen who dump their dirt next to our campus opposite Noordeland High School. Some dump the waste next to our gates and they make us to look bad. It is not the college’s responsibility to keep the outside area of the campus clean, but it is the responsibility of the municipality and the community at large,” Moshotana said.
By the time of going to press Polokwane Municipality spokesperson Thipa Selala could not be reached for comment.

Story/photos: Herbert Rachuene
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Plastic and other waste along the fence.

Cut branches of trees in the parking lot next to the gate opposite Noorderland High School.

Old and damaged pipes in the college yard.

Long grass that needs to removed next to the sport field.

Papers lying on the side of the fence in the College Street.

A plastic bag full of garbage dumped next to the campus fence.