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Reading books, newspapers motivated Ramalekana to put pen to paper


Motivated by his experience of living in poverty during his studies at university led to Thomas Ramalekana writing three motivational books.
The Bolobedu native, who grew up in a disadvantaged background, wanted to inspire those in similar situations to not give up. Ramalekana said he began writing books during his time at the University of Venda, but never managed to publish them due to lack of money.
Living a rewarding life by making others realise their potential was his vision during his writing journey and he says it became clear to him that he was the one who had to start the journey.
“I am the one who had to motivate others. I realised that most people have a vacuum inside their hearts and eyes that cannot see beyond the ordinary,” he said.
Thus far he has published three books:
‘The Danger of Giving Up’ which aims to instill and encourage a sense of understanding among the youth, especially, to think beyond their comfort zones and broaden their horizons; ‘Unblocking Blocked Pipes of the 21st Century’ which will help readers adjust to whatever situation they find themselves in and ‘Ebola of Success’ which is based on Locard Principles, (a concept that was developed by Dr Edmond suggesting that whatever you come into contact with will leave traces in your life).
Ramalekana’s goal is to be the best African motivational writer and he believes his style is different and incomparable.
“I call it a gift from heaven, I always pray to God to push my writing style to greater heights. I want every line to be occupied with anointing from above and this is clear in the books I have written.”
Ramalekana says one cannot read a line and still see poverty as an obstacle to achieving goals. “
You will develop a no-surrender kind of mentality and never allow giving up to give birth in your life.”
It was not an easy journey for Ramalekana, even though he managed to overcome those challenges.
“You have to endure the process if you want to taste progress. I had to brand myself and now my books are doing well. Patience is a virtue,” he said.
The biggest challenge he faced was finding a publishing company and the lack of money.
“You need to have enough money to start as a self-published author. In my case, I funded my projects and the support that I got from family kept me going.”
Ramalekana can be contacted via Facebook (Thomas Ramalekana), Twitter (@RamalekanaVirus), Instagram (@Ramalekana_Virus) and Whatsapp (072 191 0045).

Story & Photo: Ikageng Moroaswi
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