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Promoting peaceful public protests in Limpopo


Following escalating action in various hotspots across Limpopo, the Provincial Government has strongly condemned the escalating gross vandalism and damage to public and private property during protests that had become increasingly violent.
“These criminal activities overshadow the genuine concerns that are raised by members of the public,” stated Provincial Government Spokesperson Phuti Seloba in a media release.
“Residents of Marapong in Lephalale, Vuwani in Makhado and areas surrounding Giyani and others around the province must work hand in hand with the Police as well as the Provincial Government to control these criminal activities and to bring perpetrators to book.”
He quoted Premier Stan Mathabatha as saying that traditional, civic and religious leaders should work with communities and the Police to restore order in communities and to ensure that perpetrators face the full might of the law.
The disruption of schooling in particular would not be tolerated as it was considered a violation of children’s right to basic education and a criminal activity, continued Seloba.
The Provincial Government continued to engage with communities on a regular basis and had established channels through which people could interact with them without violating the rights of others, he emphasised.
He concluded with the statement that the Provincial Government observed its citizens’ rights to protest but encouraged peaceful protest where genuine concerns were raised.

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