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Polokwane Municipality educates New Horizon learners on environment


Learners and educators of New Horizon School gathered at the Flora Park dam on Friday where they were educated about conservation of the environment by officials of Polokwane Municipality’s Waste Education Section as part of the Mandela Month celebrations. They also took the opportunity to dedicate 67 minutes to community service by cleaning the area.
Thabiso Kobe, Waste Education Coordinator of the municipality, said that the day was in remembrance of the legendary and promoting change in our society and living environment. “Mandela always followed a set of rules which he sacrificed for, namely: ‘Free yourself, free others, and serve everyday’. He made himself unnecessary and we must follow his footsteps, thereby becoming change makers,” Kobe said.
Kobe explained that New Horizon School is a school for specialised education of which the learners require a step-by-step process from theory to practical. “They require special attention, fairness, patience and a mental boost. We have a wonderful relationship with the school leaders and especially the kids.
Kids need to be environmentally conscious at a mere age so they can grow with the idea. This is an opportunity to learn while they play,” he said.
According to Kobe, the role of waste education and awareness is to get people residing in the city and the surrounding townships and households committed to aim for this goal and recognise that a variety of techniques need to be employed to achieve the targets. “Education is one of the primary tools for generating behaviour change and changing attitudes towards consumption and waste. To reduce waste and littering requires a change in the way we think and the way we act with regards to our waste. The aim of education in this context is not to try and get people to know more things, rather to get people to change the way they do things,” is Kobe’s firm belief.
Schools can contact Kobe on 015 290 2532, 015 290 2498 or 015 290 2534 or email [email protected] or [email protected] for waste education and awareness presentations.

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