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Polokwane Municipal assessments disappointing, suspensions awaited


A threat of suspension hangs over the heads of more than one Senior Manager of Polo­kwane Municipality after council resolved during a closed special meeting on Friday that letters of intention to suspend, be served.
It now appears that the Senior Managers are following the same route as former Municipal Manager Connie Mametja, who was suspended during May this year and left the municipality after a settlement agreement.
Council considered the 2014/15 Mid-year Individual Performance Assessment Reports of managers directly reporting to the Municipal Manager (Section 57 Managers) and it was revealed that only the managers of the departments of Planning and Economic Development, Transport Services and the Municipal Manager have performed “Fully Effective”. The performance of the departments of the Chief Financial Officer, Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Corporate Shared Services, Engineering Services, Community Development and Community Services, were rated as “Not Fully Effective”. According to the report, all the managers who received “Not Fully Effective” results, has achieved below fully effective results against more than half of the key performance criteria as specified in their Performance Agreements and Plans.
The fact that Mametja’s performance was rated as “Fully Effective” during March this year, only to be suspended soon thereafter and finally to leave the municipality, raises questions about the transparency regarding her departure.
A source in the municipality said that the intended suspensions are not only as a result of the poor performance, but also relating to financial irregularities, but it could not be confirmed.
Tidimalo Chuene, municipal Communications and Marketing Manager, however confirmed that council has instructed acting Municipal Manager, Ndavhe Ramakuela to serve letters of intention to suspend to some officials, but could not confirm whether the letters have been served.
The procedures prescribed in the Municipal Systems Act will now be followed and the implication thereof is that the affected officials are granted seven days to advance reasons why they should not be suspended, whereafter council will resolve which further steps are to be taken.
The report is silent about the performance of the political leadership and no indication was given whether the poor performance could be due to poor political leadership.

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