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Undocumented foreigners are loaded into a Police van.

Police, CPF clamp down on foreigners in Doornbult


A joint effort by Westenburg Police and Doornbult and Leeuwkuil Community Policing Forums (CPF) to address the big presence of illegal migrants in the Doornbult area resulted in the arrest of 13 undocumented foreigners during an operation early yesterday (Wednesday) morning.
The operation, led by Westenburg Police Station Commander Maimele Pilusa, proceeded to a smallholding on the Bylsteel road. Travelling in a convoy members split at the entrance of the premises to secure the area and to avoid suspects evading arrest.

A CPF member searches under the mattress of one of undocumented foreigners.

Members stormed a compound and knocked on doors of all rooms where several undocumented foreigners were found and arrested. One suspect managed to escape and flee into the nearby bush.
A variety of suspected stolen property was also found on the scene as well as the remnant of cables being stripped of copper.
A cartridge of a hunting rifle as well as an apparently home-made knife were confiscated from one of the rooms.
While members made their way to a second smallholding a call was received about an alleged shooting at a compound adjacent to the Bylsteel/N1 intersection.
On arrival an obviously intoxicated man had the whole compound awake. Allegations were that he allegedly threatened one of the other residents about a plasma television reportedly being stolen.

Leeuwkuil CPF Chairperson Polla Venter examines a cartridge found on the scene.

The man became aggressive and tried to hit one of the women allegedly staying on the premises. Police immediately reacted and detained the man.
After discussions with other residents of the compound Polokwane Police were summoned to the scene to investigate the matter.
Suspected stolen property was also found in the man’s room.
Doornbult CPF Chairperson Bennie Henning indicated that they have been experiencing a high presence of illegal migrants in the area since late last year.
“Besides that we have also noticed an increase in fences being cut as well as theft from premises and vehicles in the area. We will continue conducting similar operations to rid the area of undocumented foreigners,” Henning said.

Story: RC Myburgh
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A woman is woken up by CPF members.

An undocumented foreigner is escorted to a Police vehicle.

CPF members look inside a minibus where alleged stolen cables were found.