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Owners of Pick n Pay Cycad, Kirk Twine, Hannes van den Heever, Hein Warmenhoven and Willem Pretorius.

Pick n Pay CYCAD celebrates 15 Years’ Anniversary



Pick n Pay Cycad celebrated its 15th anniversary on Tuesday and owners Hannes van den Heever, Kirk Twine, Hein Warmenhoven and Willem Pretorius all agree that this business, that has become a landmark in the city, has gone from strength to strength and has become a household name among their clientelle.
Message from Managing Director of Pick n Pay Cycad, Hannes van den Heever
“We opened Pick n Pay Cycad on 24 March 2005. My youngest daughter was barely a month old – she is now 15 and in Grade 9. Unbelievable how quickly time passes!!!!
What an absolute blessing we have received from our Lord. We are eternally grateful.
Hein Warmenhoven and I had a Pick n Pay Mini Market in Gezina in Pretoria since 2001. Things were not going all that well in Gezina, and we barely made ends meet. As a last resort, we decided to come all the way to Polokwane to speak with Jannie Moolman of the Moolman Group of Companies.
We discussed the possibility of opening a Pick n Pay Family Store on this very site. He eventually agreed – Cycad Shopping Centre was built – and here we still are! Because we lacked capital, we invited Kirk Twine and Willem Pretorius to join our Company. To this day, the four of us remain as partners – something that is quite rare for many partnerships – especially after 15 years.
Our expectations were exceeded from Day ONE, and we very soon had to expand. Over the years we have expanded three times to our current size, and we still wish we could do more. Our Pick ‘n Pay Liquor Store was first located in a 150 m² shop, and was relocated to a shop of almost 600 m² during July 2015.
Our staff complement exceeds 170 full time personnel, many of whom that started with us, and that are still here today. We truly have become a Family Store in the real sense of the word. Our staff is dedicated and loyal, and we try daily to provide a happy, clean, friendly, comfortable and pleasant shopping experience to our customers. We have an excellent brand, as Pick ‘n Pay became a household name across the entire country.
We understand that the current economic situation in our country is far from ideal. We understand that times are tough, and that many of our customers are hurting financially. We understand that it sometimes hurts to take out one’s wallet on a daily basis to buy essential products and goods. We understand that things will probably get worse rather than better in the near future. For all these reasons and more, our motto has always been -and still is – to provide a happy, friendly and pleasant shopping experience. Because we are a Pick n Pay, we KNOW our prices, variety and quality of products are better than most.
Polokwane has been good to us. Our suppliers, clients and customers became friends over the years and we are and remain grateful for all your support over the past 15 years. With your loyal support we have been the No. 1 performing Pick n Pay store in the Northern Region – including Pretoria – for nearly 15 years, and one of the top Pick n Pay Stores countrywide. We aim to remain just that for the next 15 years!
We are active in our community and support many schools, churches, homes, federations, charity organisations and the like as often as we possibly can on a daily and yearly basis.
We once again thank the whole of Polokwane for your support.”
Hannes van den Heever – Managing Director

Pick n Pay Cycad Managing Director Hannes van den Heever with the management team.

Bakery Manager Charles Khoza with his team.

Butchery Managers Johnny Copley and Cyril Masegare with their team.

Deli Manager Riana Twine with her team.

Liquor Store Manager Yolanda Bleeker and her team.

Fruit and Vegetable Manager Riana Twine with her team.

Receiving Team Managers Tino Prinsloo and Lee-Anne Pohl with their staff.

Pick n Pay Cycad Merchandising Team.

The front line staff of Pick n Pay Cycad.

Fruit and vegetable department team members.

Deli staff members ready to serve customers.

Bakery staff members behind the counter where warm bread and fresh confectionery are served daily.