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Perfect petit point at Capricorn Quilting


The Melco EMT16 is no ordinary commercial embroidery machine. This next step in the evolution of these ingenious machines offers advancements that boost production by 20% over older machines.
Capricorn Quilting, situated in Platinum Park, now has this wonderful machine in stock and invites clients to come and see how the EMT16 can change their lives.
Nico Nel, Technician and Salesperson at Capricorn Quilting, says the new Melco EMT16 is a superfast and efficient commercial embroidery machine. “It is designed to make quick work of large orders and that is why we explain to clients that we don’t sell a machine, we sell a business.”
According to Nel, there are nine reasons to buy the EMT16. It has an extremely user friendly interface and high performance trimmer and hook. The machine also works with up to 16 colours at a time at impressive speed.
The EMT16 has the smallest cylindrical arm of all Melco embroidery machines that makes working on surfaces like pockets and sleeves a breeze.
Some 1 500 stitches per minute, the laser alignment and single or multi head configurations ensure a top quality end product. Anti-feed tension technology also ensures an end product that is wrinkle and pucker free.
Nel says Capricorn Quilting also offers an excellent servicing package with each purchase. “We give the client everything needed to set up the machine, including top quality training. I personally teach the client to handle the day-to-day upkeep and cleaning, and I do maintenance on the machine every quarter,” he says.
To find out more about the Melco EMT16, contact Capricorn Quilting on 015 297 2146. Nel can be contacted on 082 524 9447.

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