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Peace of mind guaranteed by Stipec Property Consultants


With 33 years of experience in the property market, it is no wonder that Rita Stipec, owner and principal of Stipec Property Consultants CC is known as one of the top rental agents in Polokwane.
She ventured out on her own and started Rita Stipec Properties as a one man business in 1998 after working as estate agent for various companies. The business grew steadfastly and in 2012 Stipec Property Consultants CC saw the light.
The company currently employs seven staff members and Stipec is proud to say that all her agents are suitably qualified to offer clients the best possible care. They manage a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial rental properties in Polokwane as well as a few selected properties in Pretoria.
They also specialise in sectional title management and promise efficient, professional and competent services from experts in the field.
Stipec Property Consultants CC is a member of TPN credit bureau, a body that specialises in vetting tenants for rental properties. TPN awards tenants points on different aspects of their suitability including references and payment history.
Although they prefer to keep their charitable work private, Stipec Property Consultants CC has a comprehensive social investment history; focusing on individuals instead of organisations. They recently paid for a young man to complete his LLB degree after his parents passed away. As experts on the rental market in Polokwane, Stipec and office manager Anel Matthysen explain that the two most common complaints that they hear are that rental properties are too expensive and that property management companies unfairly use tenants’ deposits for repairs.
Stipec says rental properties in Polokwane actually compare favourable financially to similar properties in cities like Pretoria, but that some properties are not as upmarket as their counterparts in Gauteng.
“People want more upmarket bachelor and one bedroom properties to rent. Developers are not very keen to develop these kind of Properties and with the recent moratorium on development in the city the demand is growing, therefore the existing units are not adequate.”
Matthysen explains that the main reason why people complain about their deposits being used unfairly is that they do not take responsibility for the properties that they rent.
“There is a huge difference between normal wear and tear and damage to the property. We have a responsibility to the owner of the property to keep it in good condition,” she says.
Stipec says the best advice that she can give tenants is to meticulously go through the inspection list when they move in and not to put their signature on the list if they did not check every single item on the list.
“If you leave the property in the same condition as you found it, you don’t have to worry about losing a deposit or part thereof. This will also give you a great standing with TPN and that has a direct influence on your overall credit rating,” says Stipec. To find the perfect place to rent or professional sectional title management, visit Stipec Property Consultants CC at 7A Hans van Rensburg Street or call them on 015 295 4537/8.

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