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Ilze Van Wyk (HOD of the Intermediate and Senior Phase), Principal, Attie Visagie and Helene Duvenhage (HOD for Foundation Phase).

Noordskool keeps promise to parents


The Covid-19 pandemic has led the Department of Education and school principals around the country to make tough decisions to protect learners and staff.
The school heads have had to figure out how best they can ease the minds of parents when it comes to sending their children to school.
Laerskool Pietersburg-Noord Primary Principal, Attie Visagie is doing his best to make sure learners follow Covid-19 regulations.
“We work as a team and everything is a team effort. The parents have always been very supportive and they have also done a wonderful job in trusting us with their kids. My staff have always been hands-on with every project,” Attie said.
He said that although everyone was nervous to come back to school, they knew it was a wise decision in order to remain on track with their academics, and for their learners to be promoted at the end of the year.
“Noordskool is like one big family and we take everyone’s opinions into consideration,” he said.
The school’s Foundation Phase Head, Helene Duvenhage praised Visagie, saying he makes sure everyone takes part in following Covid-19 regulations.
Intermediate and Senior Phase Head, Ilze Van Wyk says having smaller groups in the class helps a lot as learners are able to concentrate and teachers are able to focus on their individual needs.
She adds that the school is ensuring that learners catch-up with work they missed during the lockdown.
“To make sure that their brains are well stimulated, tests are also written every Friday and Monday,” she added.
On a specific day where the hostel learners don’t have class, they are also supervised.
“Our principal is an excellent leader.
He leads by example. He has a clear open-door policy for all learners, parents and staff, be it if we need advice or assistance, he’s always there,” Ilze said.

Story: Anne Molope