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No match for Mahindra Maxitruck


Mahindra is known for manufacturing powerful and reliable workhorses and locals can expect nothing less from the Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus that is expected to arrive at MGM Motors Mahindra Polokwane soon.
The Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus comes with all the legendary toughness of the brand. Automobile manufacturers in India are bearing the responsibility of manufacturing trucks that can fit the needs of customers. Mahindra is one of the brands which is making headlines in the pick-up truck arena by continuously updating its portfolio. The Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus has been added to this segment to offer something bigger.

Built to bear a higher pay load limit with a larger loading area, yet being as efficient as any other competitor, the truck comes out as a wonderful package, which addresses the needs of customers.
Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus is equipped with a 2,5 litre direct injection common rail engine which delivers 46,3 kW at 3 200 rpm. The much needed torque for a pick-up vehicle comes up to 195 Nm between 1 400 and 2 200 rpm. The engine requires low maintenance with minimal wear and tear.

Mahindra claims that the Bolero Maxitruck Plus has a respectable fuel economy of up to 17,7 km per litre and it is equipped with a 45 litre fuel tank.
The long wheelbase of 3 150 mm helps for better stability, while the rigid-leaf front suspension is designed to handle all kinds of South African terrain. The power steering makes the drivability effortless and its low turning radius helps you get in and out of the narrowest of spaces. The Maxitruck makes a style statement as well with its eye-catching wrap around headlamps, trendy duel tone instrument panel and attractive fabric seats with matching door trims. A mobile charging point, conveniently placed holders and side steps are all standard features of the Bolero Maxitruck Plus. The front nose is designed to enhance safety with a solid and rugged look.
The cargo deck is a massive 3,7 m² and can carry up to 1 150 kg which makes the Maxitruck the ideal workhorse in any work situation to carry big loads.
The Maxitruck will be one of the strongest and most affordable diesel pick-up trucks on the South African road.

For more information on the Bolero Maxitruck Plus contact MGM Motors Mahindra Polokwane on 015 287 9660 or visit their showroom at 106 Landdros Maré Street.