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Next step in Legislature’s fight against EFF


Provincial Legislature, following consultation with legal counsel and state attorneys regarding its intention to contest a court interdict against the house by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) recently, will defend their case in court on 22 September.
The initial interdict was an attempt by the EFF to force the Legislature to stick to its rules and followed a walk-out by opposition parties from Legislature two weeks prior to the interdict brought before court in August.
Allegations were that the Legislature did not follow its own rules when attempting to oust Speaker Merriam Ramadwa. The EFF went to court to obtain an interdict that would force the Legislature to follow the rules as it were understood by opposition parties. The EFF wanted to enforce a division as well as a secret ballot.
EFF Provincial Chairperson, Michael Mathebe in a media statement said the party was defending the rule book.
“The presiding officers have gone all out to break every rule to please their political masters and we cannot allow this to happen. They say rumours of the ANC introducing new, draconian rules in the house is a display of dictatorship tendencies that have seen in some governments in Africa and will bring the House in disrepute.”

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