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President of the Rotary Club of Polokwane for 2020/21, Pierre Mouton delivers his induction speech during a virtual meeting.

New president for Rotary Polokwane


The Covid-19 pandemic affected the lives of millions of people and the pending hardship will create many opportunities for Rotarians to service their communities.
This was the message of recently-inducted President of the Rotary Club of Polokwane, Pierre Mouton.
Mouton said that his goals for 2020/21 will be to reinstate the club’s social gatherings such as happy hours, progressive dinners and a bowls evening with the Rotary Club of Pietersburg 100 as well as a social golf day, to improve the Rotary image by signage at members’ homes, brightening of the meeting venue and coverage in the media.
In terms of his personal goals as president, Mouton said that he will promote the establishment of a joint fundraiser between the two clubs in the line of ‘Polokwane Got Talent’ by inviting young and older musicians to perform.
Along the N1 is a borehole equipped with a play pump and a steel reservoir. I want to get permission to change this to a windpump and get this water source operational, said Mouton, who is an engineer of profession. “Firstly, the community is mostly without water so this will help, but I see this more in terms of marketing, a windpump painted blue and gold with Rotary splashed all over it,” Mouton said.
In terms of the members’ personal goals for the year, Mouton requested members to present to the club, his or her our goal or pet project.
Mouton also announced his board of directors. Malcolm Lister will again be in charge of finances, Roy Kirkpatrick will handle the club’s international affairs, Ursula Moodie will be responsible for Rotary International and district administration while Debi Lilford will be the general secretary. Mouton will personally take charge of membership matters as he regards the average age of members as a threat to the club’s future.
“I conclude by thanking you for giving me the opportunity and trust, I will try my best. Somewhere in my life, I have heard that behind every strong man is a stronger woman or that good leaders surround themselves by better assistants. Well, I am certainly surrounded by good Rotarians,” Mouton concluded.

Story: Barry Viljoen
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