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New diploma to help human resources managers make difference


Boston City Campus & Business College recently announced that it is adding a new Diploma in Human Resource Management (Dip.HRM) to its quiver of workplace-relevant, cutting-edge qualifications.
This diploma is registered on level six on the Higher Education Qualifications Framework, (NQF), and prospective students can register for the programme now.
“Human resource management and development is a critical component in the world of work and we are delighted to launch this new qualification,” said Hendrik Botha, Head of Institution at Boston City Campus & Business College.
The purpose of this qualification is to ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge, theory and methodology of the important disciplines in human resource management and development, socio-economics, industrial psychology, business and project management, labour law and industrial relations, and applied research methods.
The qualification provides exciting career opportunities in the fields of human resource management and development.
“We pulled out all the stops to develop this new qualification as we believe there is a real need for it given the current economic and social conditions in South Africa,” Botha said. “Under any economic condition, companies and countries need to have a workforce that is happy and so they can be as productive and profitable as possible.”
Boston’s latest diploma in human resources is accredited in the distance learning mode and students are recommended to make use of their nationwide Support Centres to complete their studies in as little as three years.
The curriculum includes modules in computer literacy, human resources management and development, industrial psychology, financial management, project management, socioeconomics, public relations, labour law and industrial relations.
According to Botha, this enables graduates to demonstrate initiative and responsibility in a professional or academic context where application of the principles and theory are emphasised as a basis for entry into the labour market.
On completion of the diploma, graduates will have the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to:
Apply general HR management and development principles to real life situations
Adhere to regulatory requirements in performing human resource functions
Manage financial and technology resources in organisations
Analyse data and legal information
Demonstrate business management and project management skills
Identify the socio-economic needs of society and display cultural sensitivity in workplaces
“We trust that the skills acquired by our graduates will be in demand and will allow them to make a tangible difference in the workplace whether in a for-profit, NGO or government environment.”
Visit Boston City Campus & Business College in Polokwane on the first floor of the Pioneer Building at 52 Landdros Maré Street, call 015 291 2579, or visit www.boston.co.za.