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New degree, new skill set for new future


A career in business today requires a different set of skills compared to a decade ago. The South African business landscape is looking for individuals with strong leadership capabilities that can move comfortably between all areas of finance, marketing and management within an organisation.
“Education is not static and though there are other BCom degrees on offer, our research showed that there was a gap for a qualification that covers all these skills,” says Dr. Hendrik Botha, Academic Head at Boston City Campus & Business College.
“The Boston BCom Management Marketing qualification is a bachelor’s degree that specifically equips students with the knowledge and skills for career opportunities in the fields of business, management and marketing.”
The BCom Management Marketing degree has been created to produce the kind of managers and entrepreneurs South Africa needs to take the country forward. It includes the important aspects of business and marketing management, accounting and finance, entrepreneurship and internationalisation, commercial law, economics, computer literacy, brand management, industrial psychology and project management.
A consequence of tough and changing economic times is that students are seeking out alternative means to complete their qualifications.
Boston City Campus & Business College offers this degree with flexible study modes. A lack of support and guidance, so often associated with part-time study, desperately needs to be remedied to successfully complete a degree. Boston provides students with the best of all worlds: distance learning with open access to critical support and help.
Many students who take on distance education may find that it’s not as easy as planned. They soon discover that course material is generally of a high standard and that they require some form of interaction in order to achieve success.
“At Boston this is achieved through an education platform, enriched by digital video and online interactivity; all supported by a countrywide network of support centres. These support centres provide access to computers, online assessments, technology-based training material, digital library facilities, examination venues and administrative services,” explains Botha.
For more information, please visit Boston City Campus & Business College in Polokwane on the first floor of the Pioneer Building at 52 Landdros Maré Street, call 015 291 2579, or visit www.boston.co.za.