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New chapter in SPCA’s book


In its 72nd year of existence, a fresh breath of air is being breathed into SPCA Polo-kwane’s operations and relationship with the public.
Johann Loubser, Chairperson of the SPCA Management Committee, explained that recent changes to management meant a more positive outlook for this organisation.
“We can definitely see a difference in the attitude of the public. Where people were unwilling to help the SPCA in the past, our premises have turned into a hive of activity thanks to all the volunteers and donors who drop in to lend a hand. It is incredible to see so many people band together to help the SPCA in Polokwane.”
He ascribed this change to the hard work and dedication of the committee of whom he says: “they give their all for the animals.”
Loubser thanked the public, businesses and organisations who reached out to SPCA Polokwane over the past few months. He also thanked the committee for their inputs and devotion to the cause.
He said one of the best outcomes that they have seen after the recent changes at management level is that adoptions have skyrocketed and many animals have found new forever homes.
Another development is that the SPCA’s charity shop has opened its doors at Savannah Mall and the results are astounding.
“We received so many donations to make this shop a possibility and now that it is operational, the support we receive from residents is tremendous. The shop is thriving and we need more donated goods like clothes, home wares, books and utility items to sell,” Loubser said.
He said some people do not understand how the SPCA operates and what they are allowed to do according to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals rules and regulations.
“We are not dogcatchers and when people call us to catch an animal running loose, we are not allowed to do so. That is why we ask people to try and lure the animal into their yards or a small enclosure. Once the animal is secure in a smaller space, we are more than happy to go to the address to pick it up and take it to our kennels.”
Loubser also explained that there are some fallacies about the SPCA that he wanted to dispel.
“People think we keep an animal for a week and then put them down. This is not the case. We will bend over backwards to save an animal’s life. There are cats and dogs at our kennels that have been there for almost three months. There are cases when the animal is terminally ill, feral or completely traumatised that we have to put them down, but that very seldom happens,” he said.
Visit the SPCA Polokwane at Plot 46 Langdale Roodepoort Plots just off the Lebowakgomo road to see how you can assist them or to make a donation. Residents are also welcome to call them on 015 291 1088.

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