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Gerson Mogashoa, right, receives a Long Service Award from Pieter Olivier, owner of Multiserv Savannah.

Multiserv Savannah rewards loyal employee


Multiserv Savannah bestowed one of their longest serving employees, Gerson Mogashoa with a Long Service Award for his loyalty and commitment during a short ceremony held at the store last Tuesday.
Mogashoa, 51, started working for Multiserv in 1998 as a 30-year-old junior shoe cobbler. In 2009 he was promoted as manager and since then has not looked back.
When not running the affairs of the store, Mogashoa takes time to help his subordinates repair and stretch shoes as well as clean laundry and carpets for their clients.
Store owner Pieter Olivier described Mogashoa as the cornerstone of his business. “There are 200 Multiserv stores nationwide and our shop is one of the top 10 ten because of his hard work. He is one of the best managers in the Multiserv Group. He is honest, loyal, passionate about his work and committed to the cause. The customers love him and he has shown great leadership skills over the past years. He is not selfish and spends most of his time training our personnel which is amazing. That trait sets him apart,” Olivier said.
Mogashoa, a self-taught cobbler, said fixing and repairing shoes cleanses his soul. “I developed my passion for repairing shoes at an early age and I have never looked back. This job does not stress me, it fulfils my soul. It is like therapy and I can continue doing this job for as long as I live. I love this job because it has taught me how to plan, how to be innovative and maintain general exactness. Those are important elements because we deal with different clients who demand top service every day. It is important to plan well and ensure all parties are happy,” Mogashoa explained.
He dedicated his accolade to his family, wife and children. “I am blessed with five children and they support me emotionally and mentally every day. We work with different clients and some are just difficult to please, but when I get home my wife is there to calm me down and comfort me,” Mogashoa said.

Story and photo: Herbert Rachuene
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