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Mitchell House educator Celri Olley at one of the exhibits at the extravaganza.

Mitchell House hosts extravaganza


Learners from Mitchell House, Stanford Lake College, PEPPS and Ridgeway College participated in an extravaganza of monologues, dialogues, dances, choir performances and recitals that was hosted at Mitchell House on Friday and Saturday.
As part of the programme, learners also had an opportunity to visit and exhibition at Mitchell House’s Squirrel’s Nest centre for toddlers.
Mitchell House educator Celri Olley said the exhibits were prepared by learners themselves and that they had the opportunity to showcase their projects to their peers as well as visiting learners from other schools in digital format.
“It was an exhibit of poetry, digital art, short films and photography and the themes were open, allowing the learners to express themselves freely,” Olley explained.

Story and photos: BARRY VILJOEN
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Mary Mawere of Mitchell House delivers a monologue.

Mitchell House learners Lucy Mmabi and Hlogi Manaka in a duet called ‘Stay’ by Rihanna.