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Mapula Motuku, Provincial President of the National Council of African Women.

Mapula Motuku fervent campaigner for women


Provincial President of the National Council of African Women (NCAW), Mapula Motuku has big plans for helping the elderly in the province.
The organisation, founded nationally in 1993, established its first branch in Limpopo in 1992 and Matuku was appointed as provincial President two years ago.
She says her objective is to ensure that all elderly persons in the province are integrated in the economy. “We want to ensure that there are proper clinics for elderly persons and district nursing services available in their various residential areas and communities. We want to empower them with skills so that they can be resourceful within their communities. We want them to have old age homes in their respective communities. Many elderly persons are neglected by their own families. Some live alone, some are being abused by their own children and we believe at old age homes they will be able to receive care and much needed attention,” Motuku said.
She is also the President of South African Women in Farming organisation and as such her primary role is to ensure that female farmers in rural areas are empowered with skills and knowledge.
Motuku emphasised that in rural areas there was ample land and she would love to see women in those areas making use of the land. She was adamant about the important role that women could play in agriculture. “If we have more women in agriculture the economy would grow. We want them to actively farm and create farming cooperatives and employment. We want Government to help those farmers to access funding and link them to markets. We want them to prioritise women because women are leaders. Women are leaders at their homes and communities, they take care of their homes when their husbands are migratory workers. We need government to support all female farmers because they are instrumental in the global fight to end hunger and malnutrition. Government must provide resources to support women empowerment and capacity-building in agriculture across the country. We need the involvement of everyone because rural women are vital in achieving rural economic transformation, and the environmental and social changes required for sustainable development,” Motuku maintained.
She further urged all young women to participate in the upcoming NCAW Provincial conference that is set to take place at a venue in Polokwane from 16 to 18 August. The conference will be hosted under the theme: “Education is the key in unlocking human potential”.
“We would love to see young women at the conference interacting with the elderly. It will be an opportunity for them to learn more from them. Again, we also want them to take over from the organisation in the near future. We want them to come closer to the eldery and suck up wisdom and memories and tips on how to live a better life. Children these days don’t want to interact with the elderly because they think they are old-fashioned,” Motuku stated.
She is a former educator and a businesswoman. She is married to Padi Motuku and they have been blessed with six children.

Story/photo: Herbert Rachuene
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