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Make sure your builder is up to code


The decision to tackle home improvements is a big one and should never be taken lightly. Your house is where your heart lies and will probably be the largest investment that you will ever make.
That is why it is important to ensure that you choose a building contractor with a good track record and proven skills.
The Master Builders’ Association (MBA) North operates in Gauteng, Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga. The association ensures that members adhere to strict ethical guidelines.
MBA North offers training and education to help their members achieve excellence when it comes to health and safety, equitable employment, environmental sustainability and best practice building standards.
All members are required to possess the necessary technical qualifications, knowledge and practical experience, or to employ people in positions of responsibility who do possess these skills. Members have to all building projects are carried out in an economical manner.
The integrity of members is managed and they are expected to satisfy all requirements of clients by complying with the spirit as well as the letter of his contractual obligations.
All business transactions must be handled with fairness and honour.
MBA North members are responsible for the organisation of their business administration and to maintain adequate financial resources for the proper discharge of all contractual obligations. Fly-by-night operations need not apply.
The association offers members up to date information about the latest in the building industry through indabas, workshops and networking events.
Members can also access a large volume of shared knowledge and support services to enable them to develop their companies.
Clients can contact the MBA membership division on 011 805 6611 to find out which builders in their area are members of the association.
MBA North also offers a consumer blog to help potential clients of members navigate all the pitfalls of building work. Access this blog at www.mbanorth.co.za.
Consumers can also lodge complaints against MBA North members using this website.

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