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PCS Headmaster Rudi Fick.

Local schools ready to continue


Teachers and general staff of Pietersburg Comprehensive School (PCS) and Pietersburg English Medium Primary School (PEMPS) were hard at work cleaning and disinfecting classrooms and educational materials ahead of the re-opening of schools scheduled for Monday.
Headmasters of both schools took time to brief the teachers and staff about the measures in place to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus.
Rudi Fick, Headmaster of PCS said all systems are set in place to ensure that 160 Gr 7 learners enjoy the last remaining six months of learning without any hindrances. “All teachers were provided with personal protective gear including sanitisers. Both teachers and learners will be screened and their hands will be sanitised before entering their classrooms.”
He also added that learners will be divided into eight groups to maintain social distancing. “We are going to have eight classes and each will consist of 20 learners. We have to complete the academic year. It is our calling to educate learners and teachers are waiting to welcome the learners on Monday. They are looking forward to working with them. We just want to get them back in the classrooms which we have arranged in such a way that social distancing will be maintained,” Fick concluded.
Desiree Conradie, Headmaster of PEMPS said they missed school and they are looking forward to teaching again. “We also had meetings with teachers on Tuesday during which they were briefed on the regulations of Covid-19. We are ready to resume with classes and we see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge. We have 160 Gr 7 learners and they will also be divided into eight groups. So, each class will have 20 learners. We will do our best to keep them safe. Teachers and learners will be provided with sanitisers and everyone entering the school premises will be sanitised and screened. We have a winning team and we will cope with the situation,” Conradie concluded.

Story and photo: Herbert Rachuene
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