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Lim Hawks boss dismissed


Suspended Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) boss in Limpopo, Dibero Molatjana was dismissed from her duties by the South African Police Service (Saps) Disciplinary Committee on Thursday and will face charges of fraud against her in the Pretoria Specialised Commercial Crime Court on 3 December.
The case in front of the committee ran parallel with a criminal case in the Pretoria Specialised Commercial Court.
Committee Chairperson Tlabo Molokomme found Molatjana guilty on charges of being an accomplice to fraud and for instructing members of the Hawks to transport her son between Polokwane and Pretoria on at least four occasions on 20 October. She was given until 28 November to submit reasons in mitigation of the sanction.
On the charge of fraud in which Molatjana was found guilty of fraudulently adding her sister to her medical aid, she was dismissed. Molatjana was given a final written warning for the charge of using state vehicles to transport her son from Polokwane to Pretoria.
In the report by Molokomme it is stated that on the finding of guilt on both charges it is beyond doubt that Molathana has not lived up to what is expected of a person in her position.
“The seriousness of the charges found guilty of and her refusal to acknowledge her wrong doing despite her years of service and seniority, aggravates her misconduct and no any other lesser sanction than dismissal is appropriate in the circumstances,” Molokomme said in the report, adding that any sanction less than dismissal will in no doubt erode the public’s confidence in the Hawks and the fight against crime and corruption.
Presenting her reasons for mitigation Molatjana stated that she had been employed for 28 years, ten of which in a managerial position, and that she was a first offender. She also put forward that she was a single breadwinner with monthly financial obligations of at least R23 000 and further that her state of mind at the time of committing the fraud must be considered.
As to the submission that her state of mind be a reason for mitigation Molokomme responded that documents provided for the purpose of serving as prima facie evidence relating to the employee’s state of mind at time of the commission of the misconduct in the medical aid issue, lacked relevant information that would have lend reliance to it.
Molokomme concluded his report by saying: “The employee (Molatjana) did not display genuine remorse. She never accepted responsibility of wrong-doing on her part from the onset until the end. She continues to profess her innocence. Notwithstanding the employee’s state of mind, her clean employment record and her long service, dishonesty in these circumstances cannot be mitigated and accordingly dismissal is the appropriate sanction.”
In respect of the use of state vehicles for personal use, Molokomme was of the opinion that a final written warning is an appropriate sanction.

Story: RC Myburgh
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Photo: Former Head of Hawks in Limpopo, Dibero Molatjana was dismissed by the Saps Disciplinary Committee on charges of fraud.

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