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Front: Malose Lebelo (SPCA Polokwane, Field Officer) and Lekau Dikgoba (SPCA Polokwane, kennel hand). Back: Chanel Brown (founder of Lawyer’s Love) and Selma Landman (SPCA Polokwane, Manager) with their dogs, Lucky and Mickey.

Law student spoils furry friends rotten


With a love for dogs, founder of Lawyer’s Love, Chanel Brown realised that during lockdown, many people could not afford to take care of their pets anymore, resulting in them being taken to the SPCA.
On Friday, 3 July, the law student took matters into her own hands by donating food, toys and blankets to the Polokwane SPCA, where Selma Landman welcomed her with open arms.
“A huge thank you to Chanel for taking the time to donate, especially the sacrifice she made now, during the lockdown,” Landman said.
She added that the SPCA always run out of food and the blankets people donate to keep the animals warm, especially during winter. Chanel said she is always willing to donate in a bid to keep the animals warm, alive and happy, with the little that she has.
“This is something small, but I believe it can make a difference. I wanted to make it a big project but the nationwide lockdown slowed the process down.
“I would definitely like to make this an annual event,” Chanel said.
Landman added that the SPCA is looking to host fundraisers but the lockdown dampened most of these plans.
“We are looking for more donations because many of pet owners brought their dogs and cats to us during the lockdown.
The more donations, the merrier. That is why we appreciate every donation made,” she concluded.

Story: Anne Molope
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