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Job interviews for MM queried


A reported interruption of the interviewing process of hopeful candidates on the shortlist for the position of Municipal Manager at Polokwane Municipality earlier this week is adding to the inkling that political interference could have been at play in the procedure.
A concerned individual alleged that the name of the one candidate preferred by the ruling powers did not appear on the shortlist of candidates, hence the abrupt halting of the job interviews. He referred to Council granting approval for the process to be embarked on at the end of September. He pointed out that some of the shortlisted candidates had to travel from other provinces and stay over in Polokwane for the interviews, which would have added to fruitless and wasteful expenditure for the taxpayer as they were compelled to return again in future. Lastly he emphasised the undermining of a Council decision.
None of the specific questions posed by Polokwane Observer were responded to by Polokwane Municipality. In her comment Polokwane Municipality Communications and Marketing Manager Tidimalo Chuene said Council had declared the position of the Municipal Manager vacant and the post was subsequently advertised with the closing date for applications being 27 August 2015 and a special Council meeting was held on 28 September 2015 to appoint a selection panel for the post.
“The Executive Mayor will duly (be) acting on (the) mandate given by Council, (and) provide a comprehensive report to Council on all the due processes towards appointment. Any real or perceived deviation will be included with reasons in the report for Council to make a determination on.
“It is therefore unfortunately premature to expect the municipality to comment on a process that is at this point only open to the selection panel and shortlisted candidates in line with standard recruitment processes.”
According to her there were two specific points in the recruitment process where information was made public, the first being an advertisement for candidates to apply and the last when Council announced the successful candidate.
“Regulations guiding recruitment also make provision for (a) candidate/s to lodge a complaint at the end of the process should they be of the view that that process unfolded in a manner that disadvantaged them and/or undermined provisions of the regulations,” she concluded.

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