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Infinity Q50 – you’re going to want it


When it comes to getting a detailed and informed lesson on all the bells and whistles of the new Infinity Q50, there is no better person than Sales Executive Christiaan Minnaar from BB Auto Infinity who is passionate about the vehicle that is currently causing a storm in the luxury sedan segment.
The Infinity can quickly become an obsession as it is designed to be driven by desire with luxury focused on feel.
The Infinity is an attractive vehicle with sleek lines and quite an aggressive look. It is designed to give the impression of a luxury vehicle with some added sporty features but it is when you get behind the steering wheel when you really get to experience what the Infinity is really all about.
The interior offers a safe and comfortable cabin where almost every aspect of driving is monitored with features helping the driver to be more alert, safe and comfortable on the road. What impressed most in the Infinity is the spaciousness of the interior. Elements like the roof and windshield pillars were shaped to give a more open feeling. The backs of the supportive front seats give rear passengers more legroom.
Then Minnaar showed off some of the latest technology such as the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Prevention (LDP). This system uses a camera to watch for departure from the travelling lane when you haven’t signalled and audibly warns you if it is detected. The system automatically helps the vehicle back into the proper lane.
The Back-up Collision Intervention (BCI) employs an advanced set of sensors to help detect vehicles approaching from either side as you reverse. This system can even intervene by automatically engaging the brakes to help avoid a collision.
Another smart feature on the Infinity is Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) which allows you to choose your desired speed and automatically slows your vehicle in slowing traffic bringing it all the way to a complete stop. As the traffic flow picks up, it re-accelerates the vehicle to the preset speed.
The Infinity Q50 is equipped with either a 2,2 diesel, 2,0 petrol or 3,5 V6 Hybrid engine. The 2,2 direct diesel injection engine is as clean burning and fuel efficient as it is emotionally invigorating. It uses the latest technology to achieve 4,8 litres per 100 km while putting 125 kW and 400 Nm of torque at your command.
The Hybrid is a performance vehicle with a combined system power of 261 kW which responds to your call with thrilling immediacy while it achieves a surprising 159 g/km of CO2. It transitions from all-electronic mode to full-power hybrid mode with an intensity and organic response that defies everything you think about hybrids.
For a test drive or more information contact Minnaar on 015 287 1300 or 082 556 1833 or visit the showroom on the corner of Landdros Maré and Excelsior streets.

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The interior is spacious with luxurious and sophisticated design.

The interior is spacious with luxurious and sophisticated design.