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Holistic health care at Medi24


Medi24 was founded 20 years ago by a group of doctors to provide after-hours medical care from one central location.
As the needs in Polokwane changed, the services evolved from medical care alone to a comprehensive patient offering. Medi24 is a general medical practice that works in conjunction with Roentes, a radiographer, Rian Swanepoel, a dentist, and Contour Change, a weight-loss clinic.
Chris Swanepoel is the director and doctor on standby at Medi24. He is very proud to welcome his brother, Frikkie, back to Polokwane. Frikkie has decided to move his optometry practice to the city after two decades in the Western Cape; adding this service to the Medi24 repertoire.
Frikkie Swanepoel Optometrists offers a wide range of product related services incorporating spectacle lens manufacturing and lens fitment procedures. They offer a full contact lens dispensary and comprehensive fitments as well as assistance in contact lens evaluation and check-ups. This practice also offers full professional eye care services, including eye examinations and testing for glaucoma, colour vision, depth perception and visual field screening.
Frikkie Swanepoel Optometrists specialises in contact lenses, glasses and frames, child vision care as well as sports vision options.
Working closely with Chris Swanepoel, medical practitioner Makata Victor Mashile offers quality medical care as attending doctor at Medi24.
Chris Swanepoel also runs the Contour Change weight loss clinic where he successfully uses a slimming programme that he developed to change people’s lives. The programme includes lifestyle changes, customised diets and micro-needle self-administered injections.
Rian Swanepoel runs a dental practice with a focus on comprehensive patient-focussed care.
He offers a wide range of dental services for the whole family and nitrous oxide, ‘Happy Gas’, is available to decrease anxiety levels during treatment.
He is very excited that his uncle, Frikkie Swanepoel, is joining the healthcare organisation at Medi24.
At Roentes, Radiographer Hermien Rootman offers the full spectrum of x-rays or radiographs of the human body. She specialises in 4D-ultrasound scans during pregnancy, giving patients a better look at their babies. 4D-scans also make it easier for medical professionals to identify problems with a pregnancy and introduce preventative measures.
Rootman says she wishes Frikkie Swanepoel all the best with his new venture.
For more information about Medi24 and the care that they offer, residents and patients can visit www.medi24.co.za.

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