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Happy to be back on the roads


Local cyclist, Ndavhe Ramakuela has embraced the opportunity of cycling again on public routes.
Ramakuela, who is the Chief Marketing Officer of Limpopo Tourism Agency and member of the Bicycle Company and Joy Ride Polokwane Cycling clubs said the virtual and training races that many cyclists resorted to during initial stages of lockdown posed a lot of difficulties for many.
Most of the committed cyclists resorted to virtual cycling applications on their phones to keep them fit. They turned their living rooms into authentic cycling caves and open routes. The applications gave cyclists a leeway to ride their favourite routes, race on grand tours.
Many needed new technology like power sensors being capable of communicating properly with smart devices, their TVs and making the experiencing of virtual cycling that much more real.
“It was difficult to train and race indoors. The breathing is very good but one needed an air conditioned room. It was a bit of a challenge because some are not used to training indoors. The outdoors provides one with a good atmosphere and nothing beats the road surface. The indoor training is also taxing on breathing and one needs good equipment which is expensive. For one to enjoy that feeling of climbing during the virtual race one will need R22 000 to R30 000 equipment. Indoor riding is harder because it is expensive. We had to adjust training in confined spaces but because it was winter we did not mind.,” remarked Rmakuela.
He further stated that the comparison between the indoor and outdoor training is peerless.
“It is better outdoors. The outdoor gives cyclists the freedom to ride and enjoy the natural landscape. That is why when they announced that we can ride within the 5 km radius all cyclists came out in numbers and made use of that privilege.”

Story: Herbert Rachuene