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Munei Mudau started a food truck to bring kasi food to the suburbs after her lodge was not generating an income.

Food from a truck brings home the bacon for her


Munei Mudau took a leap of faith in 2018 and started The Hideout in Dalmada, which is a lodge and venue, but has not been generating an income over the past few months because of the nationwide lockdown.
She recently decided to open a food truck in Bendor opposite Thornhill Shopping Centre in a bid to generate an income.
Munei says she has always had an interest to venture into business and when the opportunity presented itself she gladly took it.
“I was able to build eight rooms, which serve as accommodation and an events venue, I also started cooking at the lodge to add to the home away from home experience for customers. The idea was to create a place where all aspects of an event are covered, where guests can enjoy a good night’s rest, entertainment and food, all in one. Business was booming and we were constantly fully booked.”
Over the past few months though, Munei has not received a single booking and all the events booked were cancelled. “The lockdown is really taking a toll on me and I was left with no source of income.”
She says as much as there are challenges one should never give up on your vision or dreams.
“The idea for the food truck was a desperate attempt to salvage my business. I am glad I thought of it because I am receiving a lot of support. Although it is still early days, and there are some areas of the business I still have to improve on, I enjoy the challenge.”
Munei’s food truck offers residents an opportunity to enjoy meals that are usually found in townships. “When I looked around, I noticed that there were a lot of people who would enjoy some traditional food but there was no one selling it. I decided to bring it to the city. The support I have received over the past week, is an indication that people were in need and longing for delicious township food.”
She has noted that she is able to attract new customers but her regulars have shown their support every day.
Munei says that while her lodge is still not generating an income, she is glad she can still make some money. “I will not give up on my business. I just need to find a way to make it work even under the current circumstances. The determination I had when I started will see me through to the end.”

Story: Umpha Manenzhe