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Fewer accidents, deaths during ZCC pilgrims’ spring visit


The Zion Christian Church (ZCC) pilgrimage to Moria was this weekend marked by fewer accidents and fatalities than other years.
Kagiso Mootane, Transport Spokesperson for the Department of Transport, Safety, Security and Liaison, informed that people had died in the 32 motor vehicle accidents that occurred on the province’s roads over the weekend. This is quite lower than the 21 fatalities that resulted from 50 accidents during the corresponding period last year. Mootane attributed the lower accident and death rate to fewer vehicles on the road as a result of more busses being employed to convey pilgrims rather than smaller passenger vehicles. Law enforcement was also very effective and positively contributed to lower driver speeds and better observance of traffic rules.
Mootane thanked motorists for their cooperation and for ensuring that their vehicles were roadworthy. On Sunday at 16:00, traffic volumes entering the city were back to normal.

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