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Fashionable eye care at Jason Stander Optometrists


Glasses are not only a medical necessity, they are also a fashion item and no-one understands this better than Jason Stander Optometrists.
This practice stocks some of the most famous names in fashion eyewear, including Tom Ford, Bvlgari, Gucci and Giorgio Armani. Jason Stander and his team are also very excited about the fact that they will soon be able to offer Danish eyewear brand, Lindberg, exclusively to their clients.
Jason Stander Optometrists also offers extremely professional and in-depth eye care to the whole community. They offer economy packages for pensioners and people who are less fortunate, and Stander often visits schools where he screens learners’ eyes free of charge.
“It is important to take care of your children’s eyes from a very young age,” he says. “Make sure that you have their eyes tested at least every two years. Actually, every member of the family should have their eyes tested regularly. It is a very important part of overall health care. Many illnesses can be spotted early by a trained optometrist thanks to the symptoms that show up in the eye.”
Stander also warns against the dangers of the technologically advanced world we live in.
“We live in a digital and close-up world. A lot of blue light rays that are extremely harmful to the eyes are emitted from computers, LED screens, smart phones and tablets,” he explains.
To protect the eyes from these rays, Jason Stander Optometrists offers Crizal Prevencia, one of the most effective filters/coatings that protect against harmful blue light.
Stander specialises in keratoconus, a degenerative disorder of the eye in which structural changes within the cornea cause it to thin and change to a more conical shape, and other corneal ailments. Hand in hand with this area of expertise, he also specialises in hard contact lenses that are designed for people with abnormal corneas.
His crack team consists of Sonya Zandberg, Practice Manager, Juli Dunn, Financial Administator, and Annikie Mangwane, Receptionist. Together they ensure that every client receives quality care and personalised attention. In his free time, Stander is an avid photographer and athlete. He likes to take part in half marathons and triathlons. His wife, Sheena, is the owner of a local clothing store and they are the proud parents of David (9).
Visit Jason Stander Optometrists at Cycad Centre for top quality care and expert advice or call them on 015 297 7668 to make an appointment.

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Jason Stander specialises in keratoconus.

Jason Stander specialises in keratoconus.