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Farmers urge Agriculture MEC to react on destroyed farm


The Transvaal Agricultural Union North (TAU North), in a strongly worded letter to Joy Matshoge, MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development, conveyed its shock about a commercial farm that was set alight in the Marken area, last Wednesday.
Steven Vermaak, Chairperson of TAU North in the letter said 300 employees employed on the farm now face unemployment after going on a rampage, destroying their own living quarters, apparently over a simple matter.
“This outrageous act of setting fire to their own quarters resulted in the whole farm being set into flames. Those responsible for this cowardliness will off course be protected by their compatriots in this act of economic sabotage against the people of this fine province and never brought to book,” Vermaak stated. He added that whatever happened, and who was to blame will come out in court. “What is worrying, is that a farmer who at times employs 300 people, now has an unproductive farm and 300 people are now joining the already big horde of the unemployed.”
“Surely this is not the path you as MEC envisaged agriculture in our province to follow. We, as an organised agriculture representative body, urge you and the Provincial Government to issue a statement condemning these acts of sabotage by farm workers and to request them not to take matters into their own hands,” the letter read.
Vermaak concluded by ensuring the MEC that her involvement with organised agriculture and the free market economy was duly noted and greatly appreciated.

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