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Eskom networks with stakeholders


Brian Molefe, newly appointed Chief Executive of Eskom, engaged into a networking session with stakeholders at Bolivia Lodge on Tuesday. The purpose of the event was inter alia to serve as a platform for stakeholders to interact with Eskom leadership and build relations.
Molefe said that Tuesday was the 81 day without load shedding, except for a short interruption in supply that occurred in the city last Thursday morning due to a cable fault from Seshego.
According to Molefe, unemployment is the country’s biggest problem. “We want to improve the living standards and family structures of all people. If every one of us could just create one job opportunity per day, our problems will be over. If we can change the lives of people by providing jobs, we will no more have to look on as families disintegrate. We should start to dream about double digit growth and not be satisfied with a growth rate of lesser that four per cent. Children should grow up in family structures that are solid and where there is respect for authority and the rule of law,” Molefe said.
Molefe pointed out that Eskom faces many challenges, one being the fact that most of senior management are in acting positions and added that he has directed that all the vacant positions be filled as a matter of urgency.
In closing, Molefe invited the stakeholders to bring inadequacies to the attention of Eskom’s management, in order to allow for improvement.

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Photo: Brian Molefe, Eskom Chief Executive, addresses the stakeholder networking session at Bolivia Lodge on Tuesday.