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Escape frustration of load shedding


We all know that sinking feeling when Eskom announces load shedding for the day and two hours of no electricity looms ahead of you like a black tunnel.
While people try to make the most of the dark hours by playing board games or catching up on their reading by candle light or e-devices, sometimes you just want to escape the dark and find ways to combat the load shedding blues; especially when you have a special event planned that could be ruined by a lack of electricity.
Protea Hotel Ranch Resort
This winter you need not worry that the success of your conference, party, wedding or banquet is hanging in the balance when Eskom decides to switch off the lights.
Protea Hotel Ranch Resort is fully geared for load shedding during conferences and banquets, ensuring your event will be a hit.
The resort has established itself as a world class events venue over the years. They offer a wide range of unique venues that can accommodate up to 1 300 guests.
Whether you need a boardroom to do your annual business strategic planning, in the quiet of the Bushveld away from distractions, or a large function hall to host the social event of the year, Protea Hotel Ranch Resort has you covered.
This winter they are running a full day conference special at only R295 per delegate. Call them now on 015 290 5000 or send an email to [email protected] to find out how they can give you peace of mind.
While you are there, make sure to make the most of Protea Hotel Ranch Resort’s other attractions like the Lion and Hyena Park, 25 species of antelope including the rare and endangered sable antelope, over 200 species of birds, and the Kolobe bush camp which includes team building facilities and accommodation ideal for groups up to 70 people.
You can also take a walk on the wild side and go for a ramble with their lions. This allows you to accompany lions in their natural habitat on foot for an hour and a half, under the guidance and supervision of experienced guides.
Protea Hotel Ranch Resort is sure to keep the load shedding blues at bay.
Mall of the North
If the powerless hours of load shedding drives you out of your house, there is only one way to head; North to the Mall of the North.
From 09:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and 09:00 to 17:00 on weekends and public holidays, Mall of the North will keep the lights burning just for you.
The shopping centre recreates the comfort of a traditional market place with the boutique of modern shopping; allowing the shopper to explore passages filled with fashion, jewellery, entertainment and food outlets.
The mall is fitted with generators that kick in when the electricity supply is interrupted and ensures business as usual for their customers.
With a wide range of shops and restaurants as well as a cinema, you can escape Eskom at Mall of the North.
Adendorff Machinery Mart
You can also take charge in your own home and purchase a generator to ensure your life is not interrupted by load shedding.
Adendorff Machinery Mart sources equipment from all over the world to offer you the greatest range of products at the best prices.
Here you can buy top quality generators at the best prices. They even have a handy calculator to help you find the perfect size generator for your needs.
Visit their website at www.adendorff.co.za to access this handy tool.
With a wide range of generators to choose from and friendly help from experienced customer assistants, Adendorff Machinery Mart is the best place to look load shedding squarely in the eye and stand your ground.
Visit the Polokwane store at 19 Iran Street in Nirvana or call them on 015 292 0243.

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Photos: Archive - Your function is safe in the hands of Protea Hotel Ranch Resort. Load shedding will not ruin anything.

Photos: Archive
– Your function is safe in the hands of Protea Hotel Ranch Resort. Load shedding will not ruin anything.

Take the power back and buy your own generator.

Take the power back and buy your own generator.