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Ntombi Fihla had to stock up on a lot of gym equipment to manage her weight loss, with the help of the protein shakes she takes.

Equipment in need now that gyms are closed


With gyms temporarily closing their doors due to the nationwide lockdown, people have had to find other ways to stay in shape.
People who already have gyms at home are finding the lockdown easier as they have the equipment at home to keep on exercising but what about individuals who relied on going to the gym.
We spoke to local stores to find out whether there has been an increase in demand for gyming equipment to use at home. Store Manager at Sportsman’s Warehouse at Thornhill Shopping Centre, Fonda Noko said they’re doing very well in terms of gym equipment sales, as many customers have rushed to the store looking for and wanting to buy various items.
“Most of our gym equipment is sold out, and even now, any gym equipment stock we receive, flies out the door quicker than expected. Our customers are always on standby to purchase it as soon as it is available, but if they can’t find what they’re looking for in the store, they shop online,” Fonda said.
Another manager of a secondhand store in the city said they have seen an increase in demand for gym equipment and have also seen a few customers come in to the store to sell their equipment in exchange for cash.
“The majority of our customers come in looking to buy gym equipment. One customer came in and explained to me that they actually needed the money more than the gym equipment, as they had lost their job and needed the cash,” he said.
We asked gymgoers who have had to make a plan to buy equipment.
Darren Swart said he had to buy equipment in order to keep his fitness regime going.
“It’s safe to say that sports and gym equipment is number one in terms of sales during this time. I had to buy my own in order to stay in shape at home,” he said.
Ntombi Fihla, who is a frequent gymgoer says she had to stock up as soon as they announced that gyms were going to be temporarily closed.
“I was the one person who relied solely on going to gym almost every day after work. I had to make a plan to get gym equipment because I had to keep my diet intact, as the protein shakes I drink need specific exercises and workouts, which need equipment,” she said.

Story: Anne Molope