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Enter now for Savannah’s Night Run



Savannah Mall’s 2015 Night Run takes place at 18:00 on Friday evening and runners can register at participating schools.
The race covers approximately 2 km over a route that will take runners through the mall and outside. The annual event marks the start of Youth Week and a floating trophy and great prizes provided by tenants of Savannah Mall can be won.
Teams of ten consisting of educators and learners may enter free of charge.
Karen Botha, Group Marketing Manager of Savannah Mall said it is the only night run in the country that takes place in a mall and 2015 marks its third year of existence. The race is in relay format. Runners may use the elevators and must walk on the escalators. A water point with refreshments will be provided as well as a first aid centre. Participants will be required to complete an indemnity form upon entry. The route will be demarcated in walkways and passages, thereby allowing shoppers to carry on with their business while watching the event.
The event is organised in collaboration with Polokwane Athletics Club, who will provide the marshals and logistical support.
Also on the sporting calendar is the annual Savannah Mall 3-in-1-race (formerly the Spur Race) that is set for 25 July and is registered with Athletics South Africa.