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Eksteen’s karateka clean up at Sun City


Karatekas from Eksteen Bushido Freestyle Karate Do Institute performed well at the Tokon Shotokan Karate Ken & Iai Jutsu (TSKKIA) All Styles National Championships held in Sun City recently.
According to chief instructor and owner of the institute, Henri Eksteen the selected team comprised of 17 members under the directorship of Sensei Annatjie de Jager bagged a total of 50 medals of which 26 are gold, 16 silver and eight bronze. These divisions were comprised of unison kata, individual kata and kumite respectively.
“This remarkable achievement is to date the highest amount of medals the club has ever received in the almost 16 years of existence. All the members whom bagged the gold in either unison kata, individual kata or kumite will receive their TSKKIA national colours which is seldom seen where an invitational team from a different style is recognized for this achievement,” Eksteen said.
The dojo also received a trophy in recognition as best performing dojo of the day where their discipline and results were unmatched.
Eksteen is now preparing for their South African National 11th Annual Battle in the Bush invitational all styles championships taking place in Polokwane on 14 November.

RC Myburgh
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